Black Cats Crossing

Black Cats Crossing

New Orleans Painting #3
March 2011
Acrylic on canvas - 24" x 18" 
$850 - SOLD

Diary Entry: New Orleans has some beautiful tree lined streets and architecture, but it also has it's share of somewhat rundown and industrial looking streets. The telephone poles don't seem to stand very straight and the amount of tangled phone and electrical lines streaming across the roads is absurd at times, but to me, strangely attractive. I decided to paint what I thought was a good example of this kind of scene here. So... where do the cats come in?

Mike and I were driving down his block a couple of weeks back and suddenly a black cat darted out across our path just before we reached the house. Mike hit the breaks and we immediately started assessing our luck for the week. About 2 seconds later a second black cat crossed our path which had us scratching our heads. As I state in a little song I wrote based on the scenario -  "If 2 black cats - cross your path - does the second one double or negate the wrath of the first

Now, I don't go for superstition but it was a curious moment in our day and I thought it would add a somewhat mysterious and suitably New Orleanian accent to the street scene.

Mardi Gras is over... finally! Oh wait here comes St. Patty's....
  • Price: $850
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